Thursday, February 24, 2005

Big Snakes and Madmen

Fishbon Event Lab got started with a new prototype of a large fire-breathing snake powered by a 1/9 hp gearmotor. Michael's ingenius update of the small scale prototype included a nested bent tube that gave it a sensual undulation and when propane was fed into it, fire shot out the end.

Later in the evening, so as not to be too distracted by fire, we made preliminary drawings for a Human Tuning Apparatus to debut at the Burning Man Festival in August. On a late night rampage, business leaders from the Encyclopedia of Biography were transformed into unpredictable alien life forms (application unknown).

Large snake rotated, undulated and belched fire. Posted by Hello

Michael and Dominique bend tubing for large snake prototype. Posted by Hello

Late night activities Posted by Hello

Friday, February 18, 2005

Fire Snakes!

On Wednesday, February 16, Event Lab adventurers successfully tested full-sized snakes with 1/9 hp gearmotors donated by Bodine Electric Company. Rotating at 20 revolutions per minute, 5 six foot snake-like fingers will rotate, interacting with each other and belching fire from an integrated propane tank. That would be impressive enough, but like all members of the genus flamespeakerus, they will also pulse with the bassline of any music fed into them. The entire device will be mounted on a ten foot tower.

In other developments, plans were discussed for a Fishbon Event Lab Interactive Human Tuning Booth based on video game skin selection. Although details have not yet been released, sources close to the project acknowledge that knobs, sliders and other controls will allow users to adjust a wide range of personal attributes (confidence, sex appeal, etc.) More to follow in future posts.

Quarter size prototype of Snake Flamespeaker. Posted by Hello

Alan and Steve with gearmotor wiring diagram. Posted by Hello

Advanced science determined that each snake mimic Firespeaker inventor Alan's wingspan. Posted by Hello

Michael with motorized flexible Firespeaker snake. Posted by Hello

One of six gearmotors donated by Bodine Electric Company for the Firespeaker project Posted by Hello

Alex demoed not only his amazing musical compositions, but also gave tours of online multi-user game Second Life as a prototype for future Event Lab projects. Posted by Hello

Monday, February 14, 2005

Uprising! February 11, 2005 at El Paseo

Clan Destino's early spring kickoff, Uprising! took place Friday with more than 15 performances, two spectacular DJs (Brenden from Santa Barbara and Anthony from San Francisco), superb lighting, interactive art installations, and a great venue. The event raised money for the survivors of the January La Conchita mudslide disaster. FishBoN's Event Lab developed concept, promotion, and provided direction, stage design and construction.

Laser effect at Uprising! Posted by Hello

Laura performing tissue aerial at Uprising! Posted by Hello

Dancer on plexiglass dance stage at Uprising!. Posted by Hello

Uprising!  Posted by Hello

Annie and Cybil performing their spoken word/dance piece at Uprising! Posted by Hello

Plexiglass dance stage with dance tube. Posted by Hello

Ethan's fabulous interactive kaleidescope at Uprising! Posted by Hello

Fire speaker projection at Uprising! Posted by Hello

Friday, February 11, 2005

Flame Speaker Perfected

At the Wednesday, February 9th edition of the Fishbon Event Lab, the flame speaker was mounted in a special high-tech housing that resembled a common garbage can with Weber Grill lid. When activated and combined with music from his IPod, Alan's amazing device produced a projected image that was truly mesmerizing. This variation of the speaker was created for indoor use (contained flame--not too dangerous, but dangerous enough). The speaker will be having its debut February 11 at Uprising! an event to be held at Santa Barbara, California's El Paseo.

Lori and Steve in intense deliberation. Posted by Hello

Lori hold video camera during speaker experiments. Posted by Hello

Master fire speaker guru, Alan, in a moment of reflection with devil hand puppet. Posted by Hello

Video camera mounted in special housing disguised as common garbage can. Posted by Hello

Speaker device appears to be normal modified garbage can with Smokey Joe top..but that's where the similarity ends. Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Plexiglass Dance Stages

As part of its contribution to UPRISING!, Clan Destino's fundraiser for the La Conchita mudslide victims, Fishbon built a series of plexiglass topped dance stages that can be lit from above or below. The base also contains strange worlds filled with exotic objects.

Annie rehearsing a spoken word piece for Uprising! Posted by Hello

Jean building one of the four plexiglass topped dance stages. Posted by Hello

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Cybil on the plexi-stage Posted by Hello