Thursday, April 28, 2005

Air Speakers, Accordions and Propane

Wednesday, April 27 was a three-part evening of madness beginning with Wireless Aerial Speakers flying overhead (the speakers were rigged for flight with a web of string, then swung aloft and programmed with vocals from a wireless mic fed through digital effects) and ending with propane-filled soap bubbles flaming in a home made Aluminum Foil Fire Slide. In between, Fishbon Event Lab operatives shared a smarmy moment with Fire Snakes, Accordions and Clickers. Attention span being what it is, the focus quickly changed to fire. A shallow plastic tray was found and filled with soapy water (try this at home, maybe not) propane was blown into the mix resulting in wicked propane bubbles. Agents then scooped the sudsy goop into their hands and held a lighter next to the bubbles. Presto..Fire Hands. All things considered, a typical Event Lab evening.

Jill revisits heritage with Havah Nageela solo. Posted by Hello

Jeff unleashes accordion chops Posted by Hello

Clay on squeeze box after taking two lessons from Polish lady in Chicago. Posted by Hello

Alan down with Event Lab hard core accordion medley. Posted by Hello

From the Event Lab alternative instruments collection..the home made clicker. Posted by Hello

Propane is fed into soapy water and the bubbles scooped up into Jill's hand, then ignited. Posted by Hello

Propane bubbles ignited. Posted by Hello

Steve builds the propane slide. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Nomadic Chill Tent Gets Interactive Shadow Show

The Instant Nomadic Chill Tent looked good and felt good but something was missing--entertainment of course. So Fishbon Event Lab agents and shadow puppet scientists in full stunt gear spent the evening April 20 creating characters, symbols and assorted weird objects that could be arranged on the roof of the tent. Puppeteers then lit the show from above and used bamboo sticks to arrange the puppets in a contiuous narrative.

The Winged Serpent on a rampage in the Nomadic Chill Tent ceiling show. Posted by Hello

Carolyn and Sean make puppet cutouts for the Nomadic Chill Tent show. Posted by Hello

Paper puppet cutouts are placed on the roof of the Nomadic Chill Tent and arranged with bamboo sticks by puppeteers. Posted by Hello

Renee directs the shadow show in the Instant Nomadic Chill Tent Posted by Hello

Renee and Dominique in full stunt gear. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Instant Nomadic Chill Tent, Eye Project and Laser Snakes

In a detour from the past few weeks' technical bravado, Wednesday, April 13 saw the first stage in the development of the Instant Nomadic Chill Tent. Armed with a bolt of white 4-way stretch fabric direct from LA's garment district, Fishbon Event Lab agents cut, sewed, stretched, poked, decorated and finally chilled in an instant lounge environment. There were technical snafus (how to join the pieces) and solutions (fingers and a pen knife, needles made out of aluminum, then copper wire). Then there was the problem of entertainment (you need to be entertained in a chill tent, of course). Rising to the challenge, Ronit arranged a saucy scene from positionable puppets and Steve invented a raucous courtship game with figure cutouts on the tent roof (it's spring after all). In the midst of the tent-building, Ethan photographed everyone's eyeball for his Eyeball Project video. This was an interesting experience that reminded the vision challenged of their first struggle with contact lenses. Finally, the Fire Snakes became Laser Snakes with the addition of tiny lasers and disco smoke. What's next?

Chill Tent roof from above. Posted by Hello

Instant Nomadi Chill Tent interior. Posted by Hello

Clay in the Chill Tent. Posted by Hello

One of the special Chill Tent entertainments added by Ronit. Posted by Hello

Nils in the finished instant Normadic Chill Tent Posted by Hello

Jill puts finishing touches on side panel Posted by Hello

Paul refines his tent needle. Posted by Hello

Dominique in specially designed all-atmosphere chill wear. Posted by Hello

Jill, Carolyn, Clay and Steve search for the mythical blindspot. Posted by Hello

Ethan, Jill and Dominique work on the Eyeball Project Posted by Hello

Alan in the eyeball hotseat. Posted by Hello

Ethan captures Clay's eyeball. Posted by Hello