Monday, May 23, 2005

Plastic Masks and Pokers

On Wednesday, May 17 Event Lab agents experimented with a plastic beads that clump up and become malleable at only 130 degrees. No problem a hotplate and pan of water did the trick. Once clumped, the labsters rolled it out with a wine bottle and placed the still warm plastic sheet over Dominique's face. Always open to new experiences, he didn't even need to be held down.The result was a hard Plastic Paintable Mask that looked radically different on each person that wore it. To complement the ensemble, the crew created organic handled Pokers that, when used with the mask, gave wearers the license to poke at will. It could have poked someone's eye out, but fortunately, there were no mishaps.

Plastic beads become shapable globs when heated to 130 degrees. Posted by Hello

Chef Dominique with Sous Chef Jeff Posted by Hello

Once its cooked, the plastic glob can be rolled out to make it thin and shapable Posted by Hello

The thin sheet of plastic is lowered onto Dominique's face and shaped. Posted by Hello

Holes for eyes are drilled with a Dremel tool Posted by Hello

A devilish variation Posted by Hello

Jeff with mask and pointer. Posted by Hello

Dominique in mask, stunt suit and Italian scholar's hat. Posted by Hello

Jill in mask and spectacles Posted by Hello

Alan as his insane masked self. Posted by Hello

SRL, Fire Bubbles and a New Snake

Wednesday, May 11 was an eclectic night with a showing of the Survival Research Labs Video,Fire Bubbles for the newcomers and a start on a new and much larger Firesnake

Duncan on fire Posted by Hello

Later in the Evening there was a screening of the Survival Research Labs video. Posted by Hello

The Fire Snake takes to the street outside the studio Posted by Hello

Drama at the Event Lab  Posted by Hello

Knob and tube electrical box that will be used to house the next fire snake. Posted by Hello

Rotating Speaker Fan, Smoke Rings and Fire Bubbles

On Wednesday, May 4, the Fishbon Event Lab madness continued with a noble experiment with Rotating Speakers rigged to a repurposed ceiling fan. The theory is that when you stand in the center directly underneath, the sound will encircle you like constantly moving surround sound. Then, if the music is digitally pulsed, the fun really begins. In the second part of the evening, a plastic Smoke Diaphragm was filled with smoke from the smoke machine and operated by pushing on the tightly stretched fabric to make perfect Event Lab smoke rings. Since she missed the debut of the Smoke Bubbles, Dominique got her chance to experience the thrill.

Josh and Alan rigging the rotating speaker fan Posted by Hello

Alan and Carolyn enjoy perfect smoke ring. Posted by Hello

Josh and Ricardo making smoke rings with plastic diaphragm. Posted by Hello

In a reprise of the propane bubble trick, Dominique gets fiery. Posted by Hello