Friday, July 22, 2005

Steel Wool Poi and Spark Shower

On Wednesday, July 2o, secret agents from Fishbon Event Lab experimented with steel wool as a substitute for Coleman fuel in poi for fire spinning. Different grades created different results, but they all produced a spectacular shower of sparks that soared 30 feet into the air and then ricocheted off the pavement for a secondary lightshow. Best of all, it worked just as well with a fire staff and by itself when placed between the hot and neutral leads of household lamp cord. Later in the evening plans were made for a future fashion event and an upcoming party co-produced with Santa Barbara Burning Man theme camp Clan Destino.

Use steel wool in place of Coleman fuel and poi throws sparks 30 feet in the air. Posted by Picasa

Spark rain from the Steel Wool Fire Staff. Posted by Picasa

More Steel Wool Poi fun. Posted by Picasa

Steel wool works with two copper leads and 110V too. Posted by Picasa

Steel wool, the ultimate spark fuel. Posted by Picasa

Different grades of steel wool are packed in a wire mesh container. Posted by Picasa

Alan, Jill and Paul prepare for staff performance. Posted by Picasa

Steel Wool staff works just as well. Posted by Picasa

Paul bonds with his staff before performance. Posted by Picasa

Nasal illumination leaves hands free for packing steel wool. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 15, 2005

Pyrobar, Fan Speakers and Fire in the Streets

On Wednesday, July 13, Fishbon Event Lab deviants had a special visit from the Clan Destino Pyrocar. Several lab operatives lead double lives as undercover agents for Santa Barbara Burning Man Theme Camp, Clan Destino. In their alter egos, they toil to transfer Lab technologies to vehicles that roam the Playa at the annual festival in Northwest Nevada. The Pyrocar dispenses libations to the thirsty multitudes at the Black Rock City event. This year it sports a spring mounted, interactive propane attraction we're calling Spring Snakes. When special ropes are pulled, the snakes gyrate wildly, spouting flames and mesmerising viewers. Later in the evening another attempt was made to test the Personal Flame Thrower. With the help of an eleven year old junior agent, the Lab found that non dairy creamer pulverized in a blender, blown into a blast of air from colleagues at street level and ignited with a propane torch, provided an extremely satisfactory spectacle. In a break in the action, the fan speakers were perfected and found to be most excellent with the addition of microphone feedback.

Wednesday night Event Lab on the Clan Destino Pyrobar car. Posted by Picasa

Nathan and Dominique get Clan Destino Pyrobar ready for pyroshow after dark. Posted by Picasa

Clan Destino Pyrobar with flaming Spring Snakes. Posted by Picasa

Nathan and Dominique bypass flamethrower and go direct. Posted by Picasa

Jill deep in esoteric discussion. Posted by Picasa

Fan speakers being tuned for action. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Home Made, Board Mounted, Duct Tape Secured Flame Thrower & Fan Speakers

On Wednesday, July 6, Fishbon Event Lab agents attempted mostly in vain to produce impressive flames from a combination of household discards. Using a birdcage fan, length of aluminum pipe, paper plate, funnel and some duct tape, the device was readied for action. The missing element of course, was something that, when blown through the pipe would ignite to produce cool effects. This proved to be more difficult than expected. Beginning with non-dairy creamer (someone heard it might work--it didn't) a series of questionable powdered products were tried (Comet Cleanser, Sweet'n Low, Buttermilk Pancake Mix). All were utter failures until, a packet of Saco Mix'n Drink was procured. Success! The device shot a flame 4 feet long, wowing passers by and delighting insiders. Later in the evening, the much anticipated return of the Rotating Fan Speakers was a triumph. The four wireless speakers were attached to bent pipe extensions from a standard ceiling fan. The experience within the whirling sonic vortex was truly sublime.

Prototype home made, board mounted, duct tape secured flame thrower. Posted by Picasa

Powdered items were poured into the household funnel and blown down the aluminum tube where the attempt was made to ignite it with a torch. Posted by Picasa

Failed products. Only Mix'n Drink produced a flame. Posted by Picasa

After many failed attempts, the home made flame thrower produces a flame with propane and Saco Mix'n Drink Posted by Picasa

Success! Home made flame thrower produces four foot flame. Posted by Picasa

Fan speakers mounted to pipe extensions. Posted by Picasa

Rotating Fan Speaker in action. Posted by Picasa