Friday, August 26, 2005

Head Cam Gets Feedback

On Wednesday, August 24, Fishbon Event Lab agents slipped secretly into the clandestine world of wireless video cameras and receivers. Using a velcro harness and rechargable batteries, the Wireless Video Head Cam has entered the Event Lab arsenal. When the image was then transmitted to a video projector, fellow operatives could monitor the world according to Corinna, Jill, Clay, Dominique and other brave test pilots. The results were stellar--especially when it was discovered that aiming the camera into the projected image produced cool feedback loops with surreal multiple image sets. It was like the Truman Show in reverse.

Corinna uses the Head Mounted Wireless Video Camera to create feedback loops. Posted by Picasa

Fastening the HeadCam strap under Corinna's chin Posted by Picasa

Event Lab underway Posted by Picasa

Dominique with HeadCam and receiver Posted by Picasa

Jill makes magic with Head-Mounted Video Camera Posted by Picasa

Heather checks out Jill's HeadCam. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 19, 2005

Hydraulic Puppets with Vietnamese Burritos

On Wednesday, August 17th, Fishbon Event Lab squad leaders gathered for another evening of madness, experimentation and puppet training. On this occasion the evening began with a background video which included along with sights at various points of interest, Vietnamese Water Puppets. These ancient entertainments along with a hydraulic apparatus which Alan just happened to have in his truck, led to a fiesta of puppet activity that set a new standard for Event Lab hikinks. A full-sized soft puppet jester got "punked" as Renee took the controls and put it through paces associated with more sinister venues. Remote-Controlled Hydraulic Puppets were born. Naturally, at one point fire was involved..issuing from the ends of the water pipe trapeze. For it's final performance, dramatic lighting was added, the position changed to make her vertical and gestures refined to emulate suggesive dances as only puppets can do them.

It all began with Vietnam and water puppets. Posted by Picasa

Vietnamese burritos. Posted by Picasa

Hydraulic puppet in first position. Posted by Picasa

Talking out of turn. Posted by Picasa

First performance, playing with fire. Posted by Picasa

Playing with light. Posted by Picasa

Strapped in and lit. Posted by Picasa

Hydraulic puppet performs with sound and light. Posted by Picasa

Renee re-creates the look. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Useless Tools II, The Sequel

Ok, so there's no end to the fun to be had with useless tools, but Wednesday, August 3, Fishbon Event Lab agents explored new territory with Science Project Prototype Alien Examination Devices. These are the kinds of weird probes you've heard about when visiting Arizona and New Mexico, preferred alien landing spots..there's nothing out there! Operatives began with a mind meld and tuning to subtle vibrations of alien visitors, then went to work. There were useless feeding tools (spoon of pain), probes with anchors, scissors for useless surgery, penile testing apparatus, diversionary defensive devices, deodorant alternatives and dinosaur posterior preservation units. Following the session, Event Lab teams vowed to fan out into the cosmos to give aliens a sample of their own medicine with their advanced scientific exploratory instruments.

Carolyn and Dominique experiment with alien device. Posted by Picasa

Judy takes a bite from her spoon of pain. Posted by Picasa

Judy selects from endless useless possibilities. Posted by Picasa

Sam in the etherial world of spring steel horse control devices. Posted by Picasa

Skippy's enhanced scissors refuse to cut even the most pliable materials Posted by Picasa

Michael demonstrates completely useless scissors combo. Posted by Picasa

Paul's alien probe...simple, but effective. Posted by Picasa

Deodorant spray makes fun special effects...perfect for parties and family gatherings. Posted by Picasa

Ben demonstrates other uses for deodorant spray. Posted by Picasa

Dinosaur ass bottle stopper is beautiful and useful too. Posted by Picasa