Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Fishbon Mars and the Titanic Rats vs. Rover Showdown

On Wednesday, April 19, agents of the top secret Fishbon Event Lab Mars Taskforce led by inhouse guru Steve Silverman got a briefing on the latest developments in the ongoing exploration of Mars by team NASA. Steve previewed the new GoogleMars feature as agents explored the surface, zoomed into a two mile deep Martian canyon the length of the United States and generally ran amok. After the introduction to Martian studies, Ben and Sarah led agents in an exercise in world creation with project Fishbon Mars. The surreal (realer than real) landscape contained all the usual features (craters, rocks, volcanoes and more) and the venerable Mars Rover on the hunt for Martians and evil things in general. To the relief of all, five nasty Fire Rats were quickly dispatched and the planet was declared suitable for adventure travel.
Steve's Mars Rover world
Ben-Genesis, Act of Creation
Creating Fishbon Mars
Upended on Mars
Rover trumps Rat (the initial skirmish)
Wounded Rat
Rat in the crossfire
Rover triumphs over Rat

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Scott Snibbe Projects and Santa Cruz

On Wednesday, April 12, operatives of the Fishbon Event Lab witnessed a screening of amazing projects by San Francisco Bay Area artist Scott Snibbe. The highly interactive pieces featured objects that could be moved, changed and diverted by creating a silhouette between the projector and the projected image. Later in the evening, Ethan screened an in progress Tour of Santa Cruz followed by Star Trek clips and other madness. Meanwhile, in the street outside, Paul demonstrated his prototype Breathing Machine mechanism soon to be coupled with Alan's electronics for full-fledged breath control.

In the night kitchen. Posted by Picasa

Disintegration Posted by Picasa

Pulling the piano Posted by Picasa

Scott Snibbe project on site in SF museum Posted by Picasa

Ethan's Tour of Santa Cruz. Posted by Picasa

Paul and Alan's breathing machine prototype in progress Posted by Picasa

Fishbon Delirious

On Saturday, April 8, technologies developed and refined in the Fishbon Event Lab made their debut in Delirious, a combined production with Clan Destino, Santa Barbara Burning Man Theme Camp and performance collective extraordinaire. The event, held at Muddy Waters Cafe in Santa Barbara was sold out and crazy. In the main dance and lounge area Fishbon created a Forest of Tulle Strips with clearings and Secret Chill Lounges. Projections by Ulrike and Ethan splashed the screens with eerie holographic madness. In the outdoor patio, plexiglas dance stages were arranged in a Performance Runway with an Aerial Rig above. There were two perfomance acts with dance, fire, aerial and fashion by LA based Andrea.

Sequences Posted by Picasa

Delirious Posted by Picasa

Dance mania Posted by Picasa

Ethan's Eye Project Posted by Picasa

In the Scrim Forest Posted by Picasa

Patio-esque Posted by Picasa

Siobhan in the Spanish web Posted by Picasa

Sexy Alisha Posted by Picasa

Fash Posted by Picasa

Bunny and company Posted by Picasa

Jodey in the ropes Posted by Picasa

The lovely Renata. Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 07, 2006

Scrim Dance

Enchanted Forest and Simultaneous Virtual Worlds

On Wednesday, April 5, laptop equipped comandos of the Fishbon Real and Virtual Event Lab gathered for their usual weekly madness. The evening began with Ulrike's high contrast forest projections in the Scrimscape. Delirious experiments with fabric and movement occupied operatives for a short attention span eternity before shifting to a Virtual World Blowout in Second Life. Thanks to newly installed Wi-Fi router, six laptops and their avatars frolicked in virtual space simultaneously. The clear favorite was Jeffrey's Dancing Madman with moves that can only be described as diabolical. Meanwhile across the street fire gypsies experimented with Dominique's Spark Powder in the clandestine Fishbon parking lot annex.

Marie in the forest Posted by Picasa

E-Lab Immersion

Enchanted forest Posted by Picasa

Intent Posted by Picasa