Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Synechdoche, Nintendo Wii, and Kung Fu

On Wednesday, January 17, Fishbon Event Lab commandos were treated to an amazingly eclectic evening with visual music, Nintendo and Martial Arts. Wes and Graham's collaborative piece, Synechdoche is a blending of sonic architecture and spatial music in which elements in the visual domain are informed by techniques of composition in the acoustic domain, and vice versa. Membranes of multiple individual sound and image transformations smoothly and dynamically shift between organic and crystalline forms. Leading off the evening was a demo of Nintendo's impossible-to-get new Wii Game System. Ben and Alex showed off the dual accelerometer remote with raucous bowling and tennis matches that few tour professionals would recognize (style points trump scores at Fishbon). Later, Ethan demonstrated forms from his Kung Fu practice, soon to be a Fishbon Cell. Visiting collaborative media nomad John Hopkins also showed a piece collected from his Finnish residency.
Images generated on the fly
Wes' Jitter Program Architecture
Choosing Avatars
Wii Avatar
Ethan on fire
Images from John Hopkins

Tour of the Cosmos

On Wednesday, January 10, Fishbon Event Lab agents assembled for a spectacular Tour of the Cosmos led by NASA scientist, Steve Corbett. Lots of big questions were addressed: Is Pluto a planet or not? (NOT). Is Sedna a planet or not? (MAYBE). Are black holes and blue dwarfs real or science fiction? (REAL). The presentation was accompanied by images taken by one of Steve's projects, the HyperSpectral Imaging Microsatellite launched in 2003
Blue Dwarfs captured by Imaging Satellite
Vandenberg Satellite Launch
Steve holds forth
More galaxies and dwarfs

PYROSPIN Video Shoot and Wrap Party

On Friday, January 5, Fishbon Firearts Cell's performance troupe, PYROSPIN and friends met at the Reds Espressobar parking lot to tape their promo. Three HDTV cameras were used to gather footage that will be edited to produced the finished piece. Performers, used the whole range of tools from staff to chucks, fingers and poi. There were acrobatic routines, fire breathing and much more as the company pulled out all stops. Later in the evening all gathered at the Fishbon Studio on Helena Ave. for the well deserved Wrap Party.
Fishbon Firearts Cell Performance Troupe PYROSPIN

Wrap Party at Fishbon Studio on Helena

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

House Tagging Madness on New Year's Day

What better way is there to start the new year than art in the neighborhood? On January 1, Fishbon Event Lab commandos assembled at Brian's soon to be demolished home and studio and administered the creative coup d'grace. Adorning the exterior walls of the building were amazing Images of the Feminine, Wacky Horses, Angels of Death, very cool Grafitti flowing roof tresses and more. Altogether more than 20 artists, neighbors, representatives of the Santa Barbara Grafitti abatement office, police, school groups and random bystanders visited the site on the very cool block of west Pedregosa Street in Santa Barbara. Champagne and wine flowed, snacks were provided and collective enthusiasm was unabated. How could this happen in a city known for its architectural control? The muralized building was an ephemeral masterpiece. Up for two days and then removed to make way for the even cooler super-green modular home to be built on the site.

For more info check out the Santa Barbara Independent story at:

Friday, January 12, 2007

Graf Madness
Live Now!

Eva before she was fig-leafed
Mission Graf

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Spontaneous New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve 2006 started out like a typical "let's go to someone else's party this time" kinda night. But then no one really felt much like LA and we'd been to San Francisco for Thanksgiving. There were a few local options, but none of them seemed too promising. Then DJ Sparkle called with a cool the Fishbon Pescadrome and get the best DJs in town to spin at a spontaneous, last minute Fishbon music and dance adventure. Done. The Pescadrome opened at 9 with DJs from Word of Mouth and Turntable Cooperative spinning until 4:30.

Hillary at the punch fountain

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Visual Music and Cambodian Adventures

On Wednesday, December 13 special agents of Fishbon Event Lab were treated to two amazing adventures. UCSB Media Arts and Technology Ph.D student Lance showed his sScale and Traffic "visual music" projects. The two combined audio input and video generated on-the-fly to yield spectaculary beautiful audio and visual effects. Later in the evening, Jeff and friends showed images and video from a recent trip to Cambodia for a wedding. Many who took the trip were at the Pescadrome and spoke about the amazing combined cultural experience.
Digital beauty
sScale strings

sScale diagram
Lance graphics
Cliff Dwellers
Loading Cambodia
Simultaneous wedding pix
The Groom
Jeff in Cambodia