Thursday, February 22, 2007

Audio Bikes

On Wednesday, February 21, Fishbon Event Lab agents gathered to initiate a special clandestine bicycle modification project aimed at modifying perfectly normal two wheeled conveyances into loud, annoying Audio Bikes. Beginning with the usual Kama Sutra playing cards stuck into the spokes with clothes pins and moving on to heating duct drum sets with special Fishbon Bullhorns to amplify them, the agents were able to create a variety of possible modified two wheelers. Operatives were also treated to a reprise of Adam's LED Mounted Wheel with very cool Fishbon Skeleton motif.
Programmed LEDs
Bike Audio Madness
David in the Zone

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Valentine's Day Fire Fiesta

On Wednesday, February 14th, lovesick Fishbon Event Lab operatives descended on Reds Espressobar for a tour de force performance of the Fishbon Firearts Cell performance troupe, Pyrospin. The event featured the whole range of routines from poi to rope and staff with cool combinations and narrative twists. The assembled were also treated to the debut of Alan's amazing new fire machine, christened "the Jellyfish." A wondrous pastiche of pulleys, cables, motors and leadscrews, the machine spouted fire and rocked from side to side in a raucous randomized dance.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Amazing Jellyfish

Certain questionable individuals
Pyrospin madness at Reds

Could be worse

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sonofusion and the Overtone Violin

On Wednesday, February 7, Fishbon Event Lab activists were on hand for the remarkable blending of new music, the radically re-envisioned electronic Overtone Violin and Jitter generated graphics. John's Sonofusion is an interactive audio-visual piece for Dan's Overtone Violin, an entirely custom built, radically augmented musical instrument that preserves the traditions of violin technique while adding a whole new set of possibilities for the musician. In this piece, the instrument interactively manipulates audio, video, and three-dimensional graphics. The performer journeys through a series of virtual spaces, each with their own set of underlying processes which the performer controls through gesture and sound. To find out more about Sonofusion and the instrument, check out these links:
Violin and peripherals
Dan demos Overtone Violin
John's Sonofusion score
Jitter Application
Overtone Violin Graphics


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Graffiti Project, Prototype Fishbon Bike and Fire Sticks

There was a lot to see on Wednesday, January 31 as Fishbon Event Lab agents gathered to see Brian's very cool Video Documentary, Adam demoed his LED Bicycle Wheel and the Fire Cell practiced with new Martial Arts Fire Sticks. The documentary was a chronicle of The Graffiti Project, a New Year's Day transformation of Brian's former house and studio into a beautiful art project two days before demolition. In addition to the live video and project stills, Alex showed his 3-D Model of the house created by mapping still photos. Later in the evening, Adam showed the bicycle wheel LED kit he assembled and programmed to display the Fishbon skeleton logo. The Fishbon Firearts Cell also demoed martial arts fighting sticks they plan to convert to fire tools and use in their performance routine.
Brian introduces Graffiti Project video

The Grafitti Project on site

Alex's 3-D model of Project house
Bicycle wheel LEDs displaying fishbon
Fishbon LEDs and controller circuit
JT and Vanessa in practice mode

Friday, February 02, 2007

House Music and Gear Demo

On Wednesday, January 24, Fishbon Event Lab operatives gathered to learn, experience and experiment with a wide range of genres of "Electronica." DJs Zedd and Dave from Santa Barbara's Turntable Cooperative brought turntables and crates of vinyl for an evening of superior tracks. With a live video feed projected on the Fishbon Pescadrome wall it was easier to follow and understand the nuances of the music that is a Fishbon staple. After the demonstration, the tables were open and participants experimented with their own excellent mixes.

For more information about The Turntable Cooperative check out their site at:
DJ skills
Zedd explains and Dave demos
Ronit and Alan at the mixer