Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Crowson Tactile Motion Effects System Test

On Wednesday, June 13, Fishbon Event Lab agents were part of a secret test of Randy's Tactile Motion Effects System, special Motion Actuators that vibrate along with audio from an action video sequence. First, actuator pads were attached to each of the four legs of 4 chairs in the Pescadrome. Along side them were four chairs with no actuators (the control group-I told you it was an experiment). Then the eight people in the test group had Alan's biofeedback sensors attached to their fingers (no pain was involved). The lights were turned down and action scenes from The Matrix, Star Wars, and other films were shown on the big screen. The chairs vibrated and if you were in an actuator chair, you felt like you were in the scene. The sensors collected data and plotted it against time for analysis.
Alan Describes the Experiment
Bio-measurement Setup

Evaluating Results

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fashion and World's Strongest Men

On Wednesday, June 6, Fishbon Event Lab stalwarts gathered in the Pescadrome to witness a typical Event Lab matchup, Ulrike's Fashion Trend Update and Alan and Clay's recent adventure with Strongmen pulling Trucks, lifing 300 lb. concrete balls, 900 lb. tractor tires and other assorted heavy objects without protest. Was this some kind of Battle of the Archetypes? Nope, just another fun-filled night in Santa Barbara. After Ulrike outlined the top 5 current trends, Alan explained his foray into Hollywood reality programming. Strongmen contestants were wired with electrodes to measuring equipment to track how and when their muscle groups responded to extreme strength tests. The results were plotted against time.
World's Strongest wired

Ulrike's latest fash

Reason and Imagination

On Wednesday, May 30th, undercover Fishbon Event Lab operatives gathered for a special briefing by BBQ, Labyrinth and Theory officer Nathan on the subject of his recent thesis Reason and Imagination. The evening included an interactive lecture and lively question and answer session about the relationship of imagination to narrative and perceived reality.
Nathan talks theory

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Fertile Sound: DUOS

On Friday, May 25, the Fishbon New Music Cell presented FERTILE SOUND: DUOS, their second concert of original compositions. Featured composers were students and graduates of CalArts and UCSB music programs and the works were performed by area musicians.

For information about the New Music Cell contact Scott Cazan at:
Scott Introduces Performers