Friday, March 14, 2008

Fishbon Wildebeasts Myths and Artists' Protest

On Wednesday, March 5th, Fishbon Event Lab operatives were briefed about the underlying myths and rituals that the upcoming Fishbon Wildebeasts event are based on. Jenessa told the Greek Myth of Persephone and discussed the notion of myth as metaphor for seasonal energies. Earlier in the evening, Jill and Ethan showed two films about veteran reactions to the Iraq war and an upcoming Artists' March for Peace.
Stories and Rituals

Gags, Micorwave Fun and the Volcano

On Wednesday, February 27th, special Fishbon Event Lab agents participated in a hands-on Microwave Stuntfest with an impressive menu of things not to put into your microwave oven. Agents also were treated to Larry's film Everyday Humor, which demonstrated familiar pranks, and Austin's secret Infrared Signal Light. To cap off the evening, the Volcano was creat ed from plaster and water and a secret foamy ingredient pumped out of it inner core. Naturally, none of the above activities were authorized.
Pranks and other madness

Media, Software and Music

On Wednesday, February 20th, Fishbon Event Lab operatives were treated to a special tour-de-force from two members of UCSB's Media Arts and Technology program and a visiting Austrian artist. To begin the evening, Michael, an artist and designer from Vienna showed a sampling of amazing recent interactive projects and short films he worked on with his partner. Next, Wes showed the results of custom graphics and audio software he's working on with fellow Ph.D candidate Graham. Finally, August performed several original acoustic pieces.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Quasar at Sci-Arc

On Wednesday, February 13, undercover Fishbon Event Lab operatives were briefed by Mark David on the making of the amazing Quasar Exhibition at the Sci-Arc Gallery in Los Angeles. The team of artists, architects and engineers worked for several months to create the interactive project that tracked solar events and mapped them in 3-D space with participant interactions to alter the visual and audio effect.
Quasar madness