Wednesday, April 30, 2008

UCSB Allosphere Fieldtrip

On Wednesday, April 23rd, a team of Fishbon Event Lab operatives travelled to the UCSB campus for a briefing and demonstration by Wes, Graham, Mark David, and Marcos about the Allosphere Project. The 60' diameter sphere is located in a special sound proof chamber in the new Nanosciences Building. With the capability to visualize objects at the molecular level, the project will be outfitted with 14 high end 3-D projectors, an impressive sound system and custom software. The applications shown were a brain simulation which allows viewers to observe electrical activity in the brain with MRI data. Later in the evening, Graham and Wes showed their amazing music and graphics app and encouraged hands-on participation from agents in attendance.
Amazing Allosphere

Allosphere Brain Simulation Video

For more information and video about the Allosphere, check out the Website at:

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Extreme Treehouse Mania

On Wednesday, April 16th special undercover agents from Fishbon Event Lab were briefed on the important subject of Extreme Treehouses and their application to the Fishbon WildeBeasts event June 6th and 7th. Clay presented an amazing series of existing treehouses from around the world and two cool videos that examined the design and construction of two amazing projects in Germany and Israel. Following the presentation, operatives began construction of their own aerial nest scheduled for completion at the June event.

Pescadrome Treehouse

WildeBeasts Costume Mania

On Wednesday, April 2nd, Fishbon Event Lab denizens gathered to share costume ideas for the upcoming Fishbon WildeBeasts event June 6th and 7th. There was a visual review of anthropomorphic part human/part animal personas followed by demonstrations of sewing techniques, fabrics and designs.
Costume Ideas

John of God, Eye Project and Healing Arts

On Wednesday, March 26th Fishbon Event Lab agents enjoyed a special evening devoted to the Healing Arts. Beginning with Sonya's Chinese Medicine Primer and an excellent video and Jenessa's discussion of Brazilian healer, John of God, the agenda moved to Ethan's Eye Project, a rapid visual overlay of more than 30 individual eyeballs. Following the presentation, Corinna and Holly provided demonstrations of Ancient Asian Healing Techniques.
Healing Arts

Marquetry and Bamboo

On Wednesday, March 19th Fishbon Event Lab operatives were treated to a demonstration of Woodworking Magic. Paul began by showing a variety of exquisite Marquetry projects and an overview of the old world techniques he uses to create them. Later in the evening, Gerard talked about Bamboo construction and showed his models and sketches for an upcoming commission by the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California.
Wood Magic

Fatties From New Orleans and Iraq Wives

On Wednesday, March 12th, special agents from the Fishbon Event Lab gathered at the Fishbon Pescadrome for a special performance by New Orleans Duo, Suburbanoid Fatties, The two performers (Jim and Bettie) have been travelling with their converted school bus Rocket for the past 6 months, telling the story of the Hurricane Katrina aftermath and presenting a multimedia dreamscape. Following the performance, Ethan showed his amazing documentary interview with the activist wife of an Iraq veteran.
Fatties and Iraq Wives

New Music Cell Spring Concert

On Friday, March 8th, Members of the Fishbon New Music Cell presented a concert of new works for traditional and experimental instruments at the Fishbon Pescadrome. The experience included a work that featured music produced by magnetic credit card strips, a leather ball with motion sensors and accelerometers, a single stringed instrument, laptops and more.
New Music Madness