Thursday, May 25, 2006

Fishbon at the 2006 San Francisco Fire Arts Exposition

Fishbon showed four fire sculptures (the most of any artist in the festival) at the Candlestick Park (now Monster) venue of the Burning Man-sponsored Art on Fire fiesta. The three-day event (May 18,19 and 20) featured large and small scale works from all over the Western region along with a sizable contingent of talented fire dancers, musicians, and urban circus performers. Developed in the Fishbon Event Lab by Alan and with the collaboration of undercover Event Lab operatives, the pieces have also recently travelled to San Diego's Xara Dulzura and Los Angeles' Space Island. All were recognized by attendees as uniquely interactive and elegant alternatives to "big blast" fire columns that have been a hallmark of these events since their inception.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Fishbon and Friends
Out of control
Next Door Neighbors
Vortex madness
Dancers galore

Monday, May 22, 2006

Makeup Projections

On Wednesday, May 10, Fishbon Event Lab commandos, unsatisfied with their usual black and orange camouflage experimented with Projected Makeup Patterns that were then meticulously rendered live with Waterbase Theatrical Makeup. The effects were so strange and radical that more than a few operatives vowed to make them part of their everyday attire. Meanwhile at the parking lot Fire Annex, flaming jumpropes, chain poi and other questionable devices were on display.

Makeup projection magic Posted by Picasa

Alan, Ulrike and Ethan test patterns Posted by Picasa

The Republican transformed Posted by Picasa

Makeup Projection Posted by Picasa

Ronit projected Posted by Picasa

A moment of madness Posted by Picasa

RachelFire Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It's Official, the new Fishbon Pescadrome

On Wednesday, May 3, Fishbon Event Lab special agents visited the new Fishbon building in Santa Barbara, now affectionately known as the PESCADROME. So, you're probably wondering how this moniker was arrived at. Well, Pesca is Spanish for "fish." That part's easy unless you're wondering why Spanish. Well, why not Spanish? Santa Barbara's Spanish after all and pesca sounds cool. But what about Drome? Drome comes from the Greek "dromos" for arena (race course). Fishbon is about speed and fire and crazy, unpredictable spectacle so you need an arena for that, right? Hence Pescadrome. The Drome has three floors with a shop space (floor 1), a performance and lab space (floor 2), and a lounge (floor 3) for chilling after building, performing and creating. Fishbon headquarters is scheduled to migrate to the Pescadrome sometime in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for details.

The 2nd floor Event Lab at the Pescadrome Posted by Picasa

Pescadrome 3rd floor lounge Posted by Picasa

Exterior view of the new Fishbon Pescadrome Posted by Picasa

Fishbon Fire Madness at Xara Dulzura 2006

On Wednesday, April 26, Fishbon Event Lab pilgrims began their trek to Burning Man theme camp Xara's Annual Regional Fiesta in Dulzura, outside San Diego. Four of Alan's primo Fire Machine's were the feature interactive art installations in the central plaza of the 1000 attendee event. The Big Snake, Fire Snakes, Monster and Chaos Tulips thrilled the crowd on Friday and Saturday nights. Flame World debuted on Thursday. A special command performance by Cindy in the Ring of Fire on Saturday was a highlight of the evening. The location was beautiful and unconventional activities were enjoyed by all.

Event Lab operatives at Xara Dulzura 2006 Posted by Picasa

Alan and Cindy checking Ring of Fire gear Posted by Picasa

Back-mounted accelerometer control electronics Posted by Picasa

Cindy on fire in the Zocalo Posted by Picasa

A maintenance moment Posted by Picasa

Cindy administers bootstomping therapy Posted by Picasa

Podcasts and Lighting Magic

On Wednesday, April 23 clandestine operations agents of Fishbon Event Lab conducted experiments with Lighting Effects and Software on unsuspecting plush toys procured in a raid on the RAD thrift outlet in Santa Barbara. Leading the assault, Jeffrey demoed gobos, color and Catalyst Pro software for advanced illumination. Later in the evening, Alex delivered a stimulating Podcast Tutorial followed by examples of Underground News and Vancouver madman Sean Kennedy holding forth on the state of everything relevant.

Jeffrey and Wes discuss effects Posted by Picasa

Zebra gobos on twisted pets Posted by Picasa

Pin spot madness Posted by Picasa

Jeffrey demos Catalyst Pro lighting effects software Posted by Picasa

Alex makes case for podcast revolution Posted by Picasa

Vancouver-based Sean Kennedy delivers podcast rap Posted by Picasa