Thursday, January 31, 2008

Juggle Mania and Cell Talks

On Wednesday, January 23rd, Fishbon Event Lab operatives witnessed the Lab debut of Austin's Juggling Extravaganza. Beginning with a video of his amazing 7 ball feat, he went on demonstrate basic ball types and techniques before opening the floor to future agent jugglers. Later in the evening, Fishbon Cell leaders reported on events and progress. Ronit talked about the Dance Cell, Ethan demonstrated Martial Arts Cell form. Clay discussed the Performance Cell. Then Alex talked about the Hack Sabbath Cell and Jeff introduced the new Meditation Cell. Signups and other madness followed.
Juggle Mania

Cell Talk

Political Science

On Wednesday, January 16th, Fishbon Event Lab agents attended a briefing by Alan on the state of Physiological Metrics used by political campaigns to predict how voters will react to campaign messages. Invited by a political consulting group to monitor a selected group of New Hampshire voters as they viewed campaign messages by presidential candidates, the Biopac equipment confirmed that voter reactions tended to be visceral and instantaneous. Following the presentation, Alan attached the same electrodes to Dominique and others to demonstrate how "gut" reactions influenced opinion, sometimes reflecting views that are not revealed in polls and interviews because they are not conscious.

New Politics

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Goodbye to Renee

On Friday, January 4th, Fishbon Event Lab agents gathered at the Fishbon Pescadrome to say farewell to the forever multifaceted Renee who has relocated to New York City. The event was a mad melange of middle eastern music and dance solo performance, dance sets and other craziness. She promised to return and unless she wants agents dispatched to fetch her, she'll visit the Pescadrome often.

3-D Blacklight Chamber Revisited

On Wednesday, January 9th, Fishbon Event Lab operatives gathered to hear the inside scoop on Jon's magical Fishbon Wonderland installation. Beginning with the UNSTABLE REALITY sign at the entrance to the experience, the Blacklight Chamber on the first floor of was a big part of its coolness. What you might not know is that it was largely due to Jon's fascination..ok, obsession, with the way UV reactive paint reacts when viewed with 3-D glasses. Jon described his process and after the presentation, the participants toured the fascinating experience again.
Behind the scenes

Fishbon Wonderland New Year's Eve

Fishbon Wonderland, the fourth major Fishbon event to be held at the Fishbon Pescadrome kicked off at 9pm New Year's Eve and finally finished after sunrise on January 1st. The eagerly anticipated event was sold out days before and attracted revelers from as far away as Germany to an evening of advanced celebration science. All three floors of the studio were pressed into service as participants chose from a 3-D Blacklight World, Snow Tunnel, Snow Bar with Stilt Perches, Warming Rooms, Sculpture Installations, Snow Palace with shredded snow and Siren Stage and a New Year's Angel who accepted New Year Wishes. The evening was anchored by three perfomances (Brian's Shadow Puppet piece with original music by Monkey C, Ronit's Prelude, and Snow Whyte and the Seven Sirens, a Cabaret Extravaganza with an accordion, tuba, trombone and drum band and a cast of 13)More than 30 artists worked on the project for 8 weeks. The celebration was the best ever.
Fishbon New Year
Snow Scene

Band Plus

Snow Wonderland

Snow Whyte and Co.

More Snow White

New Year Madness

In the disorientation chamber

SantaCon 2007

On Friday, December 21, undercover agents from Fishbon Event Lab gathered at Reds Espressobar for their third annual SantaCon adventure. Donning Santa related disguises and festive attitudes, the Fishbon denizens paid their usual visit to the Chase Palm Park Carousel for equestrian adventures before beginning a patrol of State Street libation sites for high level surveillance.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Creating Wonderland

On Wednesday, December 19th, agents provocateur from the Fishbon Event Lab spent the evening putting finishing touches on the upcoming Fishbon Wonderland New Year's Eve event. Jon's elaborate 3-D UV reactive environment needed balls painted and loaded with buckshot, vials filled with UV paint, stages needed masking panels, curtains and pillows for new Hillaryland needed making and a host of other tasks needed doing.