Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Pre-Burn, Pre-Dust Preview and RatRace

On Wednesday, August 23, agents of Fishbon Event Lab captured the Event Theatre, rolled out the runway and strutted their latest Playa-Wear. With last year's documentary, Beyond Blackrock streaming in the background, uplight from the light stages, and killer beats under. operatives previewed multiple avatars. Earlier in the evening, all assembled were treated to the symbolic Ratrace From Hell to YoUtopia. Heroic rats, Socrates, Quasimodo, Artemesia and Wilbur (actual order of finish). Struggled to prevail as they darted, spun in circles, reversed and finally scrambled to the finish line.

Pre-Burn Avatar Fest Posted by Picasa

Stair Mania

On Wednesday, August 16, official undercover taggers from the Fishbon Event Lab stair squad took matters into their own hands. The presence of gray industrial carpeting on the stairs to the second and third floors of the Pescadrome had finally taken its toll. Agents, nerves frayed, set about to remedy the situation with improvised stencils, cans of spray paint and the inevitable creative inspiration. Beginning with Abstract Shapes on the first step, the stairs quickly took on a sinister aspect with the fearsome Stair Monster (who turned out to be benign) followed by a descending Stairs to Nowhere, Danger Landing, New Grange Spirals and finally a Geometric Fantasy on the top stair. Thanks to their efforts, the Pescadrome has been transformed.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Ronit on step one Posted by Picasa

Spin's landing danger zone Posted by Picasa

Geometric Posted by Picasa

Stair monster Posted by Picasa

Holly in trickster mode Posted by Picasa

Pearly whites Posted by Picasa

Starting on the second flight Posted by Picasa

Speaker closeup Posted by Picasa

Erin and Nathan's chill speakers Posted by Picasa

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Playing with Light and Drip Technology

On Wednesday, August 9, Fishbon Event Lab agents were treated to a presentation by Jeffrey and Gerard about the StarryMadala project for Burning Man (see June 20th post) and Gerard described construction and Jeffrey show concept CAD images of possible lighting options. Later in the evening Rachel demonstrated UV Reactive Paint and Makeup and operatives experimented with creating stunning reflective graphics. Simultaneously in the first floor workshop, Alan and Corinna made progress on the new and improved Trance Dripping Apparatus.

Erin in creation mode Posted by Picasa

UV reactive paint texture Posted by Picasa

Rachel's blacklight mural in the presentation room Posted by Picasa

Jeffrey talks about illumination for the Starry Mandala Posted by Picasa

Illuminated core Posted by Picasa

Illuminated mandala from above Posted by Picasa

Concept for reflective tape lighting Posted by Picasa

Santo on the Pescadrome small screen Posted by Picasa

Corinna and Alan in drip mode Posted by Picasa

Advances in trance drip technology Posted by Picasa

Napalm moment Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

LA Fashion Preview and Tool Show

On Wednesday, August 2nd, Fishbon Event Lab fashionistas were treated to a preview of a major presentation Ulrike will be giving later in the month to an audience in Vienna. The subject-Fashion and Boutique trends from Southern California. Living in the epicenter has its advantages and the Fishbon Fashion Cell has been interested in new ideas and technologies in apparel, particularly the concept of Avatar. Later in the evening Michael and Dominique showed new Downsized Power Tools. The difference in size and weight was amazing, especially a Bosch cordless drill that was 2/3 the size of its previous model.

Ulrike's Viva LA fashion watch Posted by Picasa

Ulrike presenting Posted by Picasa