Sunday, November 20, 2005

Scary Combinations: Harleys, Home Chemistry and Scorpions

On Wednesday, November 16, undercover Fishbon Event Lab agents test drove Randy's amazing Stationary Harley. The actuator platform reproduces the vibration of an actual Harley Davidson hog in motion. Then when operatives mounted the beast it actually felt like the bike was in motion...Magic Mountain remote. The actuators and electronics that runs them doesn't just work with bikes either. Randy installed it under an upholstered chair and you could feel music and sounds for a total living room voyeur experience. Later in the evening Michelle unveiled a past Christmas Home Chemistry Set she'd kept squirreled away in her closet since she was 10. What started out as semi-serious experiments quickly degenerated into the "what if we poured some of this copper oxide on it?" school of advanced chemistry. Fortunately, the manufacturer anticipated undisciplined research and no explosions resulted. Finally, Ben demonstrated his demonic Radio-Controlled Scorpion that rolled out into the street, sprouted wings, spun furiously and then curled up into a ball...the future of personal electronic pet ownership.

Randy positions the actuator platform. Posted by Picasa

Nathan in stationary hog heaven Posted by Picasa

The Harley suspended on a platform with actuators. Posted by Picasa

John changes to music track. Posted by Picasa

Jill and Steve in motion mode with laptop Posted by Picasa

Michelle in official Home Chemist protective shades Posted by Picasa

Try this at hard could it be? Posted by Picasa

Advanced experiments..put chemical on table, burn. Posted by Picasa

Dr. Michelle with chemical storehouse. Posted by Picasa

Mystical scorpion transforms Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 04, 2005

Beercan Firemissles, Fanwings and Wacked Out Tourists

On Wednesday, November 2, citizens of Fishbon Eventlab Nation were treated to a full evening of video madness, home-made Beercan Firemissles and a special screening of Ethan and Holly's horror filled Vacation Gone Wrong Travelogue. Beginning with Ethan's project for the Comtemporary Arts Forum Halloween blast, the piece featured a two projector set with synced images that told the story of two tourist caught in a web of ritual mayhem. Following the travelogue, Darren and Wesley collaborated on a video experiment with dual feedback and images projected on Japanese fan-like wings of iridescent fabric. In the climactic moment of the evening, Paul's Foster's Lager can Firemissle made it's maiden voyage. In a powerful lob, the open-ended device with flaming Tiki torch wick catapulted across the parking lot and rolled under a car 100 feet away. Fortunately the inventor was able to retrieve the vehicle before any harm was done.

Megan and friends Posted by Picasa

Wesley's video feedback algorithm with live feed. Posted by Picasa

Firemissle streaks through the stratosphere and lands under a car Posted by Picasa

Paul loads beercan fire missle under the streetlight Posted by Picasa

Closeup of Paul's beercan fire missle Posted by Picasa

Darren's fanwings with video projection Posted by Picasa

Fanwings reflecting video feedback Posted by Picasa

Hallie in webcomic wear Posted by Picasa

Ethan and Holly's unfortunate tourist travelogue Posted by Picasa

Nova and Holly..what are they thinking? Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

DJ Tools Misused

On Wednesday, October 26, pirate commandos from the Fishbon Event Lab couldn't resist putting standard DJ items (bubble machine, smoke machine) to inappropriate use by forcing them through the tube of a flame belching fire snake. The triple threat Bubble-Smoke Fire Snake proved to be the perfect indoor conversation starter and personal companion. Operatives found that whenever the energy sagged a simple throw of the switch brought pulsing fire and smoke bubbles to lighten the mood for behavior modification the fun way. On Saturday, October 29, the snake made it's debut at the Night of the Living party at the 18th Street Arts Center in Santa Monica. With the addition of a drum input device and fire dancer the snake delivered an even more raucous experience.

Event Lab pirates at work Posted by Picasa

The bubble machine puts out hundreds of bubbles per second Posted by Picasa

First bubbles. Posted by Picasa

Fire and bubbles Posted by Picasa

Jeff, Michael and Allan add smoke to the fire snake Posted by Picasa