Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Podcast Live From the Pescadrome

On Wednesday, September 17th, secret agents from Fishbon Event Lab were part a of live podcast on Meredith's Living Green series fromt the Personal Life Network distributed in the ITunes store. The show demonstrated how podcasts have become a powerful new medium for communicating asynchronously with diverse audiences. Meredith began the series a few years ago and now has thousands of weekly subscribers for her eco-minded programming. She plans to begin Fishbon related series soon. To check out the live show from the Fishbon Pescadrome, check out the link at:


On Wednesday, September 10th, Fishbon Event Lab operatives were treated to a presentation by Gesturetek rep Dean about new interface technologies that make projected images active and clickable. Using special software and a standard digital projector, the system can be used to provide computer input for a variety of applications.
Gesturetek Craziness

Burning Man Revisited

On Wednesday, September 3rd, Fishbon Event Lab special agents shared their experiences of the Burning Man Festival 2008 with photos, video and special fire performances. The evening began with the usual amazing Bar-B- Que by Nathan, and gave operatives the opportunity to share stories and swap photos.
Burning Man Revisited

Erotic Islands in Second Life

On Wednesday, August 2oth, Fishbon Event Lab agents were treated to a special briefing about the hidden exotic world of the Second Life virtual online world. Cora described the underground and illustrated with a realtime tour of her own creation, the Isle of Thera. With a variety of exotic experiences available, Thera represents scores of secret private islands where almost anything goes.
Erotic Isle of Thera

Burning Man Projects

On Wednesday, August 13th, Fishbon Event Lab operatives gathered for a showcase of Projects that local Santa Barbara artists were working on for Burning Man. The evening included and explanation and text drive of Darin's Foldable Chariot, John's Bicycle Flamethrower, and lots of other projects.
Burning Man Project Madness

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fishbon Summer Movie Night

On Wednesday, July 3oth, Fishbon Event Lab operatives gathered for one of Nathan's famous Parking Lot Bar-B-Ques and a special Summer Movie Night jam packed with footage from Lust, Mystique, Breathless and early Event Lab evenings at Clay's Helena Street studio (the original Fishbon Studio location).

Family Video Night Clips

A medley of short videoclips from Fishbon Event Lab and Pescadrome events.

Art of Small Arms

On Wednesday, July 23rd, Fishbon Event Lab agents were treated to a briefing about the Art and Technology of Small Armaments. Austin brought a collection of different weapons to illustrate and provide hands-on opportunity for operatives to learn about types of small arms, how they operate and what makes them state of the art.
Austin's Armory

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Artcars and Burning Man Art

On Wednesday, July 16th, Fishbon Event Lab operatives previewed the very cool large scale Art Projects planned for this year's Burning Man Festival. Ranging from a Giant Robotic Hand to the amazing Sagrada Temple, the art promises to be as amazing as ever. Later in the evening, Dominique showed his Art Car project and gave rides to the assembled multitude.
Burning Man Art Insanity

Dominique's baby

Defendex and Surrealist Games

On Wednesday, July 8th, Fishbon Event Lab operatives were treated to a demonstration of the awesome Defendex, now fully operational and a permanent installation at the Fishbon Pescadrome. Developed by Mark David and partner as part of their Ph.D. program at UCSB's Media Arts and Technology program, the project illustrates the futility of war as a solution to world challenges. Later in the evening, Mark David led agents in a hands-on experiment with a series of Surrealist Games developed by artists in the early part of the 2oth century.
Defendex and the Surreal

New Media Directions and One Laptop

On Wednesday, July 1st, special agents from Fishbon Event Lab flocked to the Fishbon Pescadrome for a presentation by Ulrike of the most exciting new media directions showcased at the BDA/Promax Conference (the premier industry event) in New York. Agents marvelled at examples of the latest Motion Graphics from the hippest Animation/Design Studios worldwide. Later in the evening, operatives also got an update on MIT professor Nicholas Negroponte's revolutionary "One Laptop per Child" program to create digital parity in the developing world.
Video Trends

New Audio and Visual Software Madness

On Wednesday, June 25th, Fishbon Event Lab agents assembled for a briefing and demonstration of Wes and Graham's amazing new apps that use a touchscreen and other interfaces to create Music and Graphics. After learning about the tech side, operatives took matters into their own hands, exploring the options to make very cool music and effects.
Amazing Audio and Graphic Software


On Wednesday, June 18th, special Fishbon Event Lab operatives gathered to view TOYPUNKS, a documentary film about the Urban Vinyl toy revolution that has spawned magazines like Giant Robot, retail stores like KidRobot and MunkyKing and scores of very cool artist-created vinyl collector toys. After the film, agents tried their hands at creating their own creations with clay.
Punks and Vinyl

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

WildeBeasts Revisited

On Wednesday, June 11th, Fishbon Event Lab operatives gathered to review the events of the previous Friday and Saturday evenings, known by its code name Fishbon WildeBeasts. There were photos and video of cabaret performance Love and Lust, the tale of Oody and his men, Celia and her nymphs, Marie and Lorenzo, Aphrodite. There were also surveillance photos of the Pink Lounge, Bamboo Tunnel Sculpture, Treehouse, Forest, Sensorium and much more. Thanks to all of the more than 40 artists who helped create this best event ever.
Love and Lust