Wednesday, June 25, 2008

WildeBeasts Revisited

On Wednesday, June 11th, Fishbon Event Lab operatives gathered to review the events of the previous Friday and Saturday evenings, known by its code name Fishbon WildeBeasts. There were photos and video of cabaret performance Love and Lust, the tale of Oody and his men, Celia and her nymphs, Marie and Lorenzo, Aphrodite. There were also surveillance photos of the Pink Lounge, Bamboo Tunnel Sculpture, Treehouse, Forest, Sensorium and much more. Thanks to all of the more than 40 artists who helped create this best event ever.
Love and Lust

More Lust


In the Sensorium

Bamboo Weave

On Wednesday, May 28th, Fishbon Event Lab agents created an amazing Sculpture for the third floor stairway entrance to the Pink Lounge. Using leftover bamboo strips from Bamboo WeaveCoachella Music Festival and Lightning in a Bottle, they wove the pieces into a beautiful free form structure that wound its way in an exquisite spiral from the 2nd floor landing to the top floor. When the piece was finished, Dom and Elvi designed lighting to enhance it.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bamboo Magic

WildeBeasts Sensorium

On Wednesday, May 21st Fishbon Event Lab operatives were given an insider's tour of the Sensorium that Jon is building on the ground floor of the Fishbon Pescadrome. The 400 square foot chamber gives participants 5 sensory experiences, visual with remotely operated Giant Kaleidoscope and Head Cube, audial with Custom Soundtrack by Keno, tactile with a Giant Spa, smell with Exotic Scents and taste with a sampling of Cool Treats. Agents heard about the process Jon and his team went through and got an opportunity to help with final details.
The fabulous Sensorium

Making WildeBeast Magic

On Wednesday, May 14th Fishbon Event Lab agents applied their many talents to help Fishbon WildeBeasts crews with finishing touches. Fanning out to the Sensorium taking shape on the ground floor, and Mainstage for sets, costumes, and props, they assisted with critical last minute tasks that would make the event magical.
WildeBeasts in Progress

Virtual Worlds Redux

Ocn Wednesday, April 30th, special agents gathered at the Fishbon Event Lab to hear the latest news about Linden Labs' amazing Second Life virtual world. Alisha and Clay led a tour of the world, introduced the assembled operatives to local virtual luminaries and demonstrated animations, avatar costumes, gestures and much more. Earlier in the evening , Austin demoed a pair of extreme high end Infrared Binoculars that allowed amazing detail at long range.
Second Life Revisited


On Wednesday, April 30th, Fishbon Event Lab operatives were briefed by the Coachella Bamboo Crew who spent two weeks in Indio, CA at the site of the Coachella Music Festival building a massive bamboo sculpture. Weaving 20' strips of bamboo imported from Indonesia, the crew, designed and modified on the fly, worked under difficult conditions and produced a spectacularly beautiful for the enjoyment of the thousands of alternative music fans in attendence.
Coachella Bamboo