Friday, May 25, 2007

Creative Commons and Video Mashup

On Wednesday, May 23, undercover Fishbon Event Lab operatives heard about the latest developments in the Creative Commons battle to free intellectual property from overly protective copyright regulations. Why is this an issue? Just like audio samples used to create house tracks, video artists are exploring new ways to combine video to create original compilations. To illustrate how Video Mashups work, the assembled agents were treated to Pixel Pirates II, a new DVD with hundreds of samples produced by Australian collective, Soda Jerk.

For more information about new Creative Commons formats, check out their site at:
Video Mash

Lightning in a Bottle Field Trip

When the Do Lab's Lightning in a Bottle took over the Live Oak Campground just over the mountains from Santa Barbara May 18-20, Fishbon operatives were on hand to enjoy the second annual romp in the Valley. There was great music, cool performances and lots of time to hang out with fellow agents from all over Southern California.
Fire Fun
Lightning Land

Banksy and Street Cred

Stencil and Street Art have always been important parts of Fishbon Style, so when operatives gathered on Wednesday, May 16 for a review of the amazing work of British artist Banksy, it was like learning from a master. Dominique showed a variety of images from all over the world and added a few choice biographical details. Later in the evening, other street artists were featured in The Runup the latest DVD compilation from Upper Playground Films. Capping things off, agents created stencils, customized their gear and tagged the Pescadrome in strategic spots.

For more information about Banksy, check out his site at:
Banksy World

Masters of Graf do Tats

Fishbon Fridays

For the past few weeks operatives have been gathering on Friday nights at the Fishbon Pescadrome for special projects. Since it's primary purpose is to provide a studio environment for Fishbon projects, Fishbon Fridays is all about creating collaborative work space that encourages cross-pollenization and joint projects.
Stencil Making
Friday Fash

Rose Painting

Monday, May 07, 2007

Handmade Paper Arts

On Wednesday, May 2nd, Fishbon Event Lab agents gathered for Jill's tour of Contemporary Paper Art. There were photos of a wide variety of paper art projects from all over the world, video footage of the annual Myanmar Paper Fire Balloon Festival and Korean Paper Clothing Design competition. There were lots of samples to touch and buckets of expertly prepared paper pulp to make your own paper sheets and shapes.
Paper Art Magic

Jill's Paper Art
Korean Paper Fashion
Making Paper

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Music and the Death of Utopia

On Wednesday, April 25, Fishbon Event Lab operatives gathered to receive musical wisdom from Ronit's secret list of Global Download Sites. Running the gamut from hip hop to deep house, Ronit shared her technique and ways to find cool music online (mostly free). Later in the evening, the Fishbon Utopia project fell victim to a Nasty Tornado that arose suddenly from a nearby squirrel cage blower. Homes, mountains, and citizens were all destroyed in a frenzy of wind and earthquake that would have been at home in the Book of Revelation.

Ronit's List


DJ Music Sites (for immediate download)

Web Radio from Japan and England it remembers what you like and finds more that is similar for you

Other Stuff a music newsletter from Holland to send music and large files to friends meet people, hunt for music many people post music or links here

Note: To download selections you'll sometimes need to right click (PC) or Command (apple) Click (Mac) on the selection and close Save As from the drop down menu.
Ronit shares music secrets
Music Madness