Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Gameland Madness

On Wednesday, November 14th, Fishbon Event Lab agents were immersed in the latest Game Worlds with theatre-like projections and full club audio. With advances in both hardware and software, game developers have been able to greatly enhance the realism and gameplay of the most recent offerings and the results were impressive. Alex and crew demoed, Crysis, Battlefield 2 and lots of other amazing titles.

Spectrum Photography Fiesta

On Wednesday, November 7th, Fishbon Event Lab operatives gathered for Austin's special Spectrum Photography briefing. Not only were there amazing examples of Night Vision technologies used by the military, agents were treated to examples of images captured along the full range of the spectrum form infrared to ultraviolet. After the presentation, operatives were able to test cameras for themselves.
Spectrum Photography Madness

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Murikami Show Field Trip

On Saturday, November 2nd, Fishbon Event Lab operatives conducted a surveillance operation at the current MOCA Geffen exhibition of works by Japanese superstar Takashi Murikami. In addition to a retrospective of major paintings and sculpture from the 1990s to the present, there were new animated shorts, commercials and other media. After an undercover lunch at a popular Japan Town eatery, the intrepid agents checked out the show and nearby Giant Robot Magazine anniversary event before returning to base.
Murikami at the MOCA Geffen

Little Tokyo Hijinx

Friday, November 16, 2007

Erin and Nathan's Birthday

On Friday, November 2nd the tranquility of the usual Friday Night Art Extravaganza was shattered by revellers celebrating Erin and Nathan's Collaborative Birthday Fiesta. Champagne flowed, cake was consumed, sleep eventually engaged in and breakfast served on the grill by the birthday boy himself.

Boolesque Halloween

On Wednesday, October 31st, the actual Halloween, special Fishbon Event Lab agents-provocateurs descended on Reds Espressobar, a favorite haunt for seasonal festivities. The event, BOOLESQUE, produced by Holly and crew (Corinna, Pamela, Kelly, Nicky and many more) featured excellent music from DJ Hoon, a show with stilts, burlesque, fire and other madness, and the usual cast of Fishboners. The evening was sublime and the Reds hospitality stellar.
BOOLESQUE Halloween Madness

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Radical Feng Shui

On Wednesday, October 17, undercover Fishbon Event Lab agents attended a top secret briefing by Rhea, Feng Shui practitioner extraordinaire. The event focused on the contemporary Western variant of the ancient Chinese art of creating enviroments optimized to support the flow of "chi". Showing both problematic and optimized examples, Rhea discussed both the underlying theory and implementaion in work and personal spaces.
Feng Shui Mistress Rhea

Interactive Cinema Environment

On Wednesday, October 10, Mark David treated Fishbon Event Lab operatives to a sneak preview of his amazing doctoral project, An Uncommon Affair at Tooting Bec Common. The UCSB Media Arts and Technology program project uses elaborate custom software and a Ouija Board-like interface to interact with a series of scenes separated in time and point of view. By choosing different characters and cycling chronologically, users can literally create their own narrative experience.
Tooting Bec madness
Mark David and company

Apocalypse III

On Wednesday, October 3, special Fishbon Event Lab agents gathered once again to construct the annual Grand Apocalypse to celebrate the Hero's Journey into the heart of darkness. Using cardboard, papier mache, and an assortment of twisted repurposed action figures, the group created a City Diorama obviously experiencing the effects of pestilence, unwholesome townsfolk and natural disasters of every kind. After being allowed to fester, the entire nasty business will be swept away later in October.
The Evil One Speaks

Monkey C Release Madness

On Saturday, September 29, local fusion gamelan band Monkey C celebrated the release of their new CD (Good Boys Gong Wrong) at the Fishbon Pescadrome in a star-studded evening of madness. In addition to the gamelan madmen, Fishbon Dancers and Fire Performers added their usual sexy sweetness for the final extended moment. Following the performance, keyboard, synthesizer/laptop and Theremin artistes from Volts per Octave played a monster set. A stellar DJ crew wrapped up the evening with inspired beats.
Good Boys Gong Wrong

Fishbon Monkettes

Volts per Octave on fire