Monday, October 31, 2005

And then there was smoke. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Fishbon Show at Red's Espresso Bar opens November 10

On November 10, 2005, Fishbon's 2005 show Don't Stop Now! art and artifacts from dreamspace will open at hip and quirky Red's Espresso Bar, 211 Helena Ave. Santa Barbara. The show features photographs, art and three-dimesional objects drawn from Fishbon events in 2004 and 2005. The event is open to the public and will run until December 7th. An opening reception begins at 7 pm on November 10 and features demonstrations of fire apparatus debuted at the Fishbon Event Lab in 2005. Don't miss this opportunity to see and experience Event Lab projects live. All clandestine operatives will be in attendance..a major coup in itself. See you there.
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Friday, October 21, 2005

Kaleidoscopic Fire, Tube Projectiles and TechnoJewelry

On Wednesday, October 19, Fishbon Event Lab agents applied Kaleidoscopic Mirrors to a music-synced propane jet and projected a live video feed on a two-way projection screen. When feedback was added, the resulting Surreal Flame World illuminated the studio. Later in the evening, Paul crated a Flaming Tubular Projectile and demonstrated it in the street to the delight of the assembled onlookers. While dangerous fire tubes filled the street outside, Marcella took advantage of the residue from the destruction of a CD player to create High Tech Jewelry to be programmed later.

Alan looks through kaleidoscope at video feedback image Posted by Picasa

Three mirror tiles are placed over pulsing propane jet Posted by Picasa

Kaleidoscopic Flame World Posted by Picasa

Solomon in a moment of musical madness Posted by Picasa

Paul and Dominique create tube projectile Posted by Picasa

Paul with tube projectile wild in the streets Posted by Picasa

Jill decked and wired for action Posted by Picasa

Marcela with techno pendant Posted by Picasa

Steve and Marcela post techno-jewelry creation Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Sweet Night in the Ring of Fire

On Wednesday, October 12, Fishbon Event Lab undercover operatives successfully erected a Clandestine Fire Ring on Helena Street in Santa Barbara, California and populated it with fire-obsessed dancers and a drop-in drummer. The result was a sublime interactive adventure complete with Alan's wrist or foot-mounted Wireless Accelerometer that controlled the height of the flames with variations in hand motions. A crazy dance interlude rounded out the evening, as belly dancers in the "advisory panel" hijacked the ring and lifted it with improvised movement accompanied by house tracks from a nearby vehicle. Is this what Wagner had in mind?

Leonora lights up the ring Posted by Picasa

Scene of the Ring of Fire adventure before liftoff Posted by Picasa

Top secret propane apparatus Posted by Picasa

Holly on fire Posted by Picasa

Blue ribbon advisory panel evaluates results Posted by Picasa

Marcy in the ring with claque. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Magic Fingers and Doppler Beats

On Wednesday, October 5, Fishbon Event Lab agent provocateurs experimented with Doppler radar and audio effects. Beginning with the radar unit on a table, the miscreants discovered that when their hands moved 4 feet above it, the electronics produced higher pitched sounds that resembled a female voice. When they dipped lower, the home-made instrument made lower, male-like sounds. So, of course one thing led to another and there was dialogue, arguments, wild screeching and sweet singing. Later, a plastic bucket was added to give the sounds more depth. And finally, the whole thing was mounted on a stick. The result was a very cool Doppler Stringless Air Guitar on a Stick (DSAGS for those who absolutely feel compelled to reduce everything to an acronym). Plans are underway to create a custom housing complete with a candy apple paintjob and obnoxious fins. Rock on!

Alan works his magic. Posted by Picasa

Dominique in a stone groove. Posted by Picasa

Steve does a solo with a plastic bucket sound box. Posted by Picasa

Ulrike and Steve in the Doppler duet. Posted by Picasa

OK,so if it's good on the table, it's got to be better on a stick. Freakin' sick instrument.. Posted by Picasa

Aluminum added to shield Doppler unit. Posted by Picasa

The prototype "Doppler on a Stick" Posted by Picasa

Steve. Carolyn and John peruse Ulrike's Burning Man book. Posted by Picasa