Friday, March 30, 2007


On Friday and Saturday, March 23rd and 24th, Fishbon presented the second in it's series of Pescadrome Extravaganzas. The event was a six part interactive adventure on all three floors beginning with the Entrance Monolith and ending with the Oracle Lounge. Along the way participants navigated the Mystery Zone, Sky World, Earthworld, and consulted the infamous Psychic Love Chick for timely advice. A combined effort by more than 30 artists, the event was based on timeless myth of Persephone with her abduction into the underworld and eventual return. During the peak of the festivities, the myth was re-enacted as a dance drama with Persephone, Demeter and the Four Elements.
The Zone
Oracle Lounge

Psychic Love Chick



UCSB Media Arts and Technology Project Showcase

On Saturday, March 17th Ph.D students in UCSB's Media Arts and Technology Program again presented their end-of-quarter projects at the Fishbon Pescadrome. Presentations ranged from a film about the life of English spiritual medium in which Ronit player Rosemary, to a Lua application, video graphics exploration and donation website Pledgie. Fishbon is one of the first not-for-profit organizations to be featured.

To make donations to Fishbon using Pledgie, click on this link:
Ronit and Rosemary
Project images

Fishbon Pledgie screenshot

Fire Machines and Fire Hands

On Wednesday, March 14 Fishbon Event Lab operatives gathered to learn about Fire Sculptures and how to build them from Fire Maestro Alan. Beginning with a review of the materials used in all basic fire machines and then the more exotic motors, valves and regulators, the evening was a preview of a coming hands-on workshop in which participants will be able to actually build their own devices to complement their backyard Bar-B-Ques and other patio acoutrements. Is there any doubt that Fishbon Fire Appliances will become an essential part of any properly appointed outdoor furniture suite? Later in the evening brave attendees we're treated to the Propane Fire Hand Challenge. Propane was fed into a bowl of soapy water, filling bubbles with the flammable gas. When lit with a match, the result was diabolical.
Fire machines in Alan's driveway
Alan explains regulator system

D'aoud with T-Bar

Thursday, March 22, 2007


FISHBON MYSTIQUE: Celebrating the Feminine is based on the timeless Greek myth of Persephone and her abduction by Hades, King of the Underworld. In the process, she explores her relationship to both darkness and light, paradise and the sometimes frightening world below.

Not a traditional theatre piece, Fishbon Mystique is a six-part adventure beginning with the Gateway Monolith, and ending in the Temple of the Oracle. In between you’ll encounter the Mystery Zone, Skyworld, Secret Chambers, and Earthworld. Each zone presents both challenges and possibilities.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Airsoft Peace Maneuvers

On Wednesday, March 7, Fishbon Event Lab agents were treated to special live footage of Alex's Excellent Airsoft Adventure. Using special biodegradable BBs and specially designed air rifles, a team of battle re-enacters descended on an island in Northern California to relive the US invasion of Grenada. Complete with night swims and other clandestine activities, the event was wall to wall adventure. Ironically, Alex is a peace activist who takes his tactics seriously. "The military is effective, maybe there's something we can learn from how they approach a situation," he said in his introductory remarks.
Col. Alex, Peace Activist
Alex's Island Map
On the Island
Bob surveying whiteboard

Table Painting and Pole Dance Videos

With Fishbon Mystique only 3 weeks away Fishbon Event Lab operatives gathered on Wednesday, February 28th to collaborate on the painting of the tops and bottoms of the six Nesting Tables for the event's Earthworld environment. Ranging from austere black and white vines to twisted narratives, the tabletops turned out to be their own unique adventure. Simultaneously in the third floor lounge, Vanessa showed classic 80's Stripper Pole Championship Videos, for educational purposes only, of course. Fishbon Mystique will feature, original dances in Earthworld, the Temple of the Oracle and on the newly installed brass pole in the main event room.

For tickets and more information about Fishbon Mystique March 23rd and 24th check out the site at:
Keno and Napalm
Hillary's Pillow Corner
Alan and Cindy
Steve at work
Twisted Table Top
Stripper Pole video

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Building Fishbon MYSTIQUE

For the past couple of months, Fishbon Event Lab operatives have been meeting secretly at the Pescadrome to conceive, design and build the elements for Fishbon MYSTIQUE, the third major interactive event to be staged at the company's new home. Based on the Greek myth of Persephone, Fishbon Mystique is a celebration of the feminine with 6 unique interactive experiences: the Gateway Monolith, Mystery Zone, Skyworld, Secret Chambers, Earthworld, and Temple of the Oracle. The event will run two days, March 23rd and 24th, 2007. Tickets can be purchased at:

Tickets must be purchased in advance, first come, first served
Sunday Workday

Works in Progress