Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Worlds in D-Spiral Meet the Underground

On Wednesday, February 22 Fishbon Event Lab operatives, in cooperation with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, oversaw the Final Days of not one, but three worlds in decline. The Floating Mobile World, City of Woe, and Twisted Worlds all expired on schedule in a riot of flame, deluge, angry beasts, and smoke. It is not yet known whether any experienced rapture, but the consensus was that it appeared doubtful. On a underground video verite note, Howie showed his amazing trailer for Underground News, a radical news show that aired in the 70s for only 6 months on Chicago's channel 44. The clip featured interviews with Jane Fonda, John Lennon, David Dellinger and Abbie Hoffman, concert footage of Jimi Hendrix and other counter culture madness never seen before.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Mobile world in decline Posted by Picasa

Avenging angel appears Posted by Picasa

Time, space and green unravelled Posted by Picasa

Remnants after the wrath of the avenging angel Posted by Picasa

Liberty ignited Posted by Picasa

Beginning of the firestorm Posted by Picasa

Tsunami devastates Posted by Picasa

Still from Underground News segment Posted by Picasa

Thursday, February 16, 2006


On Wednesday, February 15, Fishbon Event Lab enforcers dispatched two woebegotten worlds in a frenzy of leaping flames. Both Erin's Devil World and Mark and Paul's Big City World met their just deserts on the flaming pyre. Whether repentence was asked for or granted is not yet known, but the proceedings were carefully documented for inclusion in the Fishbon Apocalypse and Resurrection Project. Next week promises to be even more spectacular as Mobile World and the Global Eclectica meet a similar fate. Rumors have been circulating that Eclectica will go down in an extravaganza complete with comets, flood, locusts, plague and rain of fire.

Swiss intensity Posted by Picasa

Michael records the Flaming pyre Posted by Picasa

Erin gets ready to sacrifice Devil World Posted by Picasa

In it goes Posted by Picasa

Devil World conflagration Posted by Picasa

Big City dies in Flame World Posted by Picasa

Finishing the job with his feet Posted by Picasa

Sean making thunder clouds Posted by Picasa

Saturday, February 11, 2006


On Wednesday, February 8, Fishbon Event Lab operatives gathered to create Model Worlds poised on the eve of destruction. Using available materials to populate their twisted landscapes, Event Lab Agents cut and pasted, added wire, polyester scraps and styrofoam comets. The four horsemen were clearly anticipating their appearance with relish. In the first installment of the Fishbon Apocalypse and Resurrection Show worlds were envisioned and constucted in preparation for the exciting climax to be held next week. How will the worlds end? Speculation is raging with visions of montstrous beasts, avenging angels, comets, bowling balls from space and other fearsome scenarios.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Twisted reality Posted by Picasa

Recording the madness Posted by Picasa

Erin moment Posted by Picasa

Erin-ized Posted by Picasa

Floating World Posted by Picasa

Cutting and pasting Posted by Picasa

Twisted worlds Posted by Picasa

Napalm at work Posted by Picasa

Marcy and Mark Posted by Picasa