Saturday, March 19, 2005

Je Suis Digitalker

Wednesday, March 16th was another audio extravaganza with a full Surround Sound experience and Digitalker medley. Alan brought 6 speakers mounted on stands and positioned them around a chair at ear level. A microphone was then fed into digital effects boxes and speaker sequencer to produce strange audio that moved from speaker to speaker around the circle. When Steve and other daredevils donned a Fishbon Stunt Suit in signature orange and took the sound challenge they experienced 360 degree musical and audio effects. When the Digitalker was added by Event Lab artists the effect was ethereal. Dominique then added a Digitalker dialogue in three languages, Alex contributed original compositions from his laptop and Ronit and Carolyn sang into the effects altered microphone. The experience was mesmerizing. In a related development, Jeffrey demoed his secret LED enhanced attache case complete with color controls and hip surveillance look.

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