Friday, August 19, 2005

Hydraulic Puppets with Vietnamese Burritos

On Wednesday, August 17th, Fishbon Event Lab squad leaders gathered for another evening of madness, experimentation and puppet training. On this occasion the evening began with a background video which included along with sights at various points of interest, Vietnamese Water Puppets. These ancient entertainments along with a hydraulic apparatus which Alan just happened to have in his truck, led to a fiesta of puppet activity that set a new standard for Event Lab hikinks. A full-sized soft puppet jester got "punked" as Renee took the controls and put it through paces associated with more sinister venues. Remote-Controlled Hydraulic Puppets were born. Naturally, at one point fire was involved..issuing from the ends of the water pipe trapeze. For it's final performance, dramatic lighting was added, the position changed to make her vertical and gestures refined to emulate suggesive dances as only puppets can do them.

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