Thursday, September 15, 2005

Ground Effect Vehicles, Fashion and Artificial Limbs

On Wednesday, September 14, Fishbon Event Lab agents witnessed the unveiling and early aviation history of the Ground Effect Vehicle, Locust. The patented, low-flying, sled-like ride is designed to travel at up to 300 mph. Of course in its present form, speeds that high would blow the driver into the next state, but this is a prototype after all. Since the actual working model is 12 feet long and 7 feet wide, it couldn't be tested at the studio, but its inventor brought a scale model and exciting test flight videos. Looking like FutureMan in his test pilot gear, Larry rode the beast for a couple of hundred feet before grinding to a premature landing. An excellent one-person ride, the Locust plans to return soon for a Helena Street blast off. Later in the evening there was talk about a future Fishbon Fashion Experience with performances, lots of personal edge-wear and dangerous stunts. Adding mystery to the festivities, Chinese Artificial Limbs were studied carefully for future Fishbon projects.

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