Thursday, October 06, 2005

Magic Fingers and Doppler Beats

On Wednesday, October 5, Fishbon Event Lab agent provocateurs experimented with Doppler radar and audio effects. Beginning with the radar unit on a table, the miscreants discovered that when their hands moved 4 feet above it, the electronics produced higher pitched sounds that resembled a female voice. When they dipped lower, the home-made instrument made lower, male-like sounds. So, of course one thing led to another and there was dialogue, arguments, wild screeching and sweet singing. Later, a plastic bucket was added to give the sounds more depth. And finally, the whole thing was mounted on a stick. The result was a very cool Doppler Stringless Air Guitar on a Stick (DSAGS for those who absolutely feel compelled to reduce everything to an acronym). Plans are underway to create a custom housing complete with a candy apple paintjob and obnoxious fins. Rock on!

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