Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Second Life, Videos and Fire Speaker Plans

On Wednesday, January 11, undercover Fishbon Event Lab operatives convened for a personal tour of virtual universe, Second Life. Alex led the assembled through the process of logging on to set up a free account, choose an avatar complete with a range of options (hair, facial characteristics, clothes, shoes, etc), and set out into the amazing virtual world created by nearly 200,000 residents of this multi-player online environment. After the tour, plans were made to build a Virtual Event Lab in SL (details to follow). Later in the evening, Wes showed two amazing videos, "Sutured Moment" and "Modular Radiation". In Sutured Moment, photos were brought into a Jitter matrix and operated on by a custom object that combines pixels from different frames in the 3D buffer based on a map provided to the object. Modular Radiation uses optical video processing to manipulate live television imagery along with software written with Jitter to process the feedback in the system. In a sidebar, flame speaker feasibility was also discussed. For more information, check:

Second Life:
Wesley Smith Video Projects:

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