Monday, September 18, 2006

The Great Apocalypse and South Korea

On Wednesday, September 6, Fishbon Event Lab operatives, many newly returned from Burning Man were presented with a plan for a multiple venue Mega Event with the working title The Great Apocalypse: Trials and Tribulations. The collaborative experiential event will be presented in late October at both the Pescadrome and Reds Espressobar in Santa Barbara and then be available to tour to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Based on the Hero's Journey Monomyth articulated by Joseph Campbell in his book: Hero With a Thousand Faces, the piece will draw on the combined talents of the artists, dancers, videographers, engineers and scientists of the Fishbon community. For more details about the project visit the Great Apocalypse website. Later in the evening Alan showed his cool South Korea Video with a tour of Seoul and the surrounding countryside.

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