Tuesday, January 16, 2007

House Tagging Madness on New Year's Day

What better way is there to start the new year than art in the neighborhood? On January 1, Fishbon Event Lab commandos assembled at Brian's soon to be demolished home and studio and administered the creative coup d'grace. Adorning the exterior walls of the building were amazing Images of the Feminine, Wacky Horses, Angels of Death, very cool Grafitti flowing roof tresses and more. Altogether more than 20 artists, neighbors, representatives of the Santa Barbara Grafitti abatement office, police, school groups and random bystanders visited the site on the very cool block of west Pedregosa Street in Santa Barbara. Champagne and wine flowed, snacks were provided and collective enthusiasm was unabated. How could this happen in a city known for its architectural control? The muralized building was an ephemeral masterpiece. Up for two days and then removed to make way for the even cooler super-green modular home to be built on the site.

For more info check out the Santa Barbara Independent story at: http://independent.com/artsandentertainment/2007/01/teardown.html

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