Friday, March 30, 2007

Fire Machines and Fire Hands

On Wednesday, March 14 Fishbon Event Lab operatives gathered to learn about Fire Sculptures and how to build them from Fire Maestro Alan. Beginning with a review of the materials used in all basic fire machines and then the more exotic motors, valves and regulators, the evening was a preview of a coming hands-on workshop in which participants will be able to actually build their own devices to complement their backyard Bar-B-Ques and other patio acoutrements. Is there any doubt that Fishbon Fire Appliances will become an essential part of any properly appointed outdoor furniture suite? Later in the evening brave attendees we're treated to the Propane Fire Hand Challenge. Propane was fed into a bowl of soapy water, filling bubbles with the flammable gas. When lit with a match, the result was diabolical.

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