Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Multi-Modal Music, Mystique Video and Trance

On Wednesday, April 11, Fishbon Event Lab operatives gathered for a special musical event. Dan and Lance from UCSB's Media Arts and Technology program demonstrated their amazing interactive Multi-Modal Music Stand (MMMS) based on the Theremin. Using four Theremin "antennas" and custom electronics and software, one or more players can literally play the MMMS without touching it. By waving hands, feet, dogs..anything with mass in the field between antennas they can switch between four notes and their harmonics to produce beautifully rich sonic textures. For the visually inclined, the instrument also generates very cool graphics in real time, too. Later in the evening, Larry showed his Fishbon Mystique Video and Corinna and Alan gave agents a preview of their improved Trace Dripper the night before its first road trip to Milwaukee.

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