Sunday, May 06, 2007

Music and the Death of Utopia

On Wednesday, April 25, Fishbon Event Lab operatives gathered to receive musical wisdom from Ronit's secret list of Global Download Sites. Running the gamut from hip hop to deep house, Ronit shared her technique and ways to find cool music online (mostly free). Later in the evening, the Fishbon Utopia project fell victim to a Nasty Tornado that arose suddenly from a nearby squirrel cage blower. Homes, mountains, and citizens were all destroyed in a frenzy of wind and earthquake that would have been at home in the Book of Revelation.

Ronit's List


DJ Music Sites (for immediate download)

Web Radio from Japan and England it remembers what you like and finds more that is similar for you

Other Stuff a music newsletter from Holland to send music and large files to friends meet people, hunt for music many people post music or links here

Note: To download selections you'll sometimes need to right click (PC) or Command (apple) Click (Mac) on the selection and close Save As from the drop down menu.

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