Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Crowson Tactile Motion Effects System Test

On Wednesday, June 13, Fishbon Event Lab agents were part of a secret test of Randy's Tactile Motion Effects System, special Motion Actuators that vibrate along with audio from an action video sequence. First, actuator pads were attached to each of the four legs of 4 chairs in the Pescadrome. Along side them were four chairs with no actuators (the control group-I told you it was an experiment). Then the eight people in the test group had Alan's biofeedback sensors attached to their fingers (no pain was involved). The lights were turned down and action scenes from The Matrix, Star Wars, and other films were shown on the big screen. The chairs vibrated and if you were in an actuator chair, you felt like you were in the scene. The sensors collected data and plotted it against time for analysis.

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