Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fishbon Breathless is So Sweet

On Friday and Saturday, August 10th and 11th, Fishbon presented Fishbon Breathless,the third in its series of mainstage events. The adventure began with a journey though the Magic Forest of custom Fishbon-style trees with the obligatory interaction provided by Jon and Alan, and with original music by New Music Cell leader Scott. The path was marked by a glowing EL wire line and gave revelers the immediate dilemma of whether to follow...or not to veer from path or explore uncharted territory. When visitors passed embedded Motion Sensors the lighting changed , a sputtering vibrator bridge was triggered , and a flock of EL wire birds were released to fly overhead. Once through the forest, the next encounter was with the Circus Bar, and the beginning of a 120 foot Wrap-Around Catwalk perfect for showing off the latest Burning Man bound Playawear. At the stroke of Midnight, the Catwalk morphed into a stage with the six Cabaret Vignettes of the New True Adventures of Eros and Psyche presented Pageant Wagon style complete with Dance Pole, Psyche's Cottage, Light Stages, Bed and floor fan equipped Marilyn Stage (named in honor of the famous scene of Marilyn Monroe standing on a subway grate with her skirt blowing up). An original musical prologue was sung by Ronit with accompaniment by Frode and Brad. Music for the show was provided by Carrie on accordion and Brad on drums with Frode on keyboards. Above the fray was the sensuous Voyeur Lounge designed and implemented by Rhea.

Check out Santa Barbara Independent Arts Editor, Charles Donelan's review of the festivities at:

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