Monday, October 08, 2007

Dr. Megavolt, Tesla Coil God and Firebird

On Wednesday. September 19th, Fishbon Event Lab operatives were visited by Austin in his Dr. Megavolt persona for a special presentation that included a glimpse into the creation of the massive 8' Tesla Coil that has been an important feature of the Burning Man Festival over the past nine years. In addition to early photos, napkin drawings and science fiction graphics that inspired the performance events, Dr. Megavolt performed live at the Fishbon Pescadrome with a smaller version of the large coil in his one-of-a-kind protective metal suit. Earlier in the evening, J Kahn showed his Santa Barbara produced theatrical short Firebird which featured Fishbon Fire Arts Cell goddess, Rachel in a dreamy sequence.

For more information about Dr. Megavolt and the amazing performance Tesla Coil, check out the website at:

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