Friday, January 04, 2008


On Wednesday, November 21, Fishbon Event Lab operatives gathered for a tutorial and hands-on experience or Mark David and John's amazing Defendex-ESPGX. Thanks to their generous gift, the project is now a permanent display at the Fishbon Pescadrome. The DEFENDEX-ESPGX is an interactive art object that combines real-time audio and video synthesis processing with physical interaction. The DEFENDEX-ESPGX is designed to simulate the look and feel of 1950's technology. The content draws on nostalgic reference to bring about implied comparisons between the fearful culture of the Cold War and the culture of fear associated with the current War on Terror. Followiing the presentation, agents were able to play in simulated environment.

DEFENDEX-ESPGX is a collaborative effort between MarkDavid Hosale and John Thompson.

For more information about the Defendex project, check out the site at:

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