Friday, November 04, 2005

Beercan Firemissles, Fanwings and Wacked Out Tourists

On Wednesday, November 2, citizens of Fishbon Eventlab Nation were treated to a full evening of video madness, home-made Beercan Firemissles and a special screening of Ethan and Holly's horror filled Vacation Gone Wrong Travelogue. Beginning with Ethan's project for the Comtemporary Arts Forum Halloween blast, the piece featured a two projector set with synced images that told the story of two tourist caught in a web of ritual mayhem. Following the travelogue, Darren and Wesley collaborated on a video experiment with dual feedback and images projected on Japanese fan-like wings of iridescent fabric. In the climactic moment of the evening, Paul's Foster's Lager can Firemissle made it's maiden voyage. In a powerful lob, the open-ended device with flaming Tiki torch wick catapulted across the parking lot and rolled under a car 100 feet away. Fortunately the inventor was able to retrieve the vehicle before any harm was done.

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