Sunday, November 20, 2005

Scary Combinations: Harleys, Home Chemistry and Scorpions

On Wednesday, November 16, undercover Fishbon Event Lab agents test drove Randy's amazing Stationary Harley. The actuator platform reproduces the vibration of an actual Harley Davidson hog in motion. Then when operatives mounted the beast it actually felt like the bike was in motion...Magic Mountain remote. The actuators and electronics that runs them doesn't just work with bikes either. Randy installed it under an upholstered chair and you could feel music and sounds for a total living room voyeur experience. Later in the evening Michelle unveiled a past Christmas Home Chemistry Set she'd kept squirreled away in her closet since she was 10. What started out as semi-serious experiments quickly degenerated into the "what if we poured some of this copper oxide on it?" school of advanced chemistry. Fortunately, the manufacturer anticipated undisciplined research and no explosions resulted. Finally, Ben demonstrated his demonic Radio-Controlled Scorpion that rolled out into the street, sprouted wings, spun furiously and then curled up into a ball...the future of personal electronic pet ownership.

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