Monday, December 19, 2005

Audio Visual Worlds and Cornstarch Goop

On Wedndesday, December 14th, Fishbon Event Lab strike teams witnessed the unfolding of three Interactive Audio Visual Worlds. In Wes' inverted sphere world, jellyfish-like structures propelled themselves through the murky underwater landscape and reacted to commands from a modified game controller. When you got close to the creatures, they emitted eerie sounds and displayed unique behaviors. Lance's project combined musical tones with Lissajous figures and polar plots for spectacular visual and audial displays. Dan's ping pong ball interface created amazing sonic effects in a 3-D texture mapped world. After exploring AV world space, operatives experimented with a particularly bizarre combination of corn starch and water (simple ingredients, strange effects), The resulting "Goop" changed from semi-solid to dripping mess in seconds. Definitely a "try this at home" experiment orchestrated by Nathan and Erin. To cap off an evening of madness, agents played "chicken" with gravity and an expandable plastic sphere. Fortunately there were no casualties.

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