Sunday, December 04, 2005

Fire Cave, FutureJazz and Pure Light

On Corinna's birthday, Wednesday, November 30, 2005, undercover Fishbon Event Lab operatives left their posts to celebrate, play and bask in the glow of pure light. The evening began with a Fire Cave Experience that combined a backprojected kaleidoscopic fire jet image synced to music with silhouetted dancers. The two together created the illusion of realtime live dance in a mysterious etherial fire world. Next, Jeffrey demonstrated an LED Spot and Controller that made it possible to cycle pure light in any sequence of colors. When it shone on color graphics, magical moods could be altered on the fly. For the final moment of music and video madness, three members of UCSB's Media Arts and Technology Lab showed instruments and video projections that can only be described as FutureJazz. Four X-Y accelerometers were embedded in ping-pong balls attached to springs that acted as a kind of three dimensional keyboard. Sounds were selected by a musician with laptop interface and complimentary video projected in real time on a backlit screen. The effect was mesmerizing.

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