Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fashion Cell at UCSB Museum of Art Show

On Friday, July 7, Avatar-attired commandos from the Fishbon Fashion Cell descended on the opening reception of the UCSB Museum of Art's summer show, Pattern Language: Clothing as Communicator. Arriving in groups, the cell eventually grew to 40 full fledged Avatars who socialized with other attendees, danced to beats from the show DJ, and enjoyed provided food and drink. The piece, part of a year-long exploration of the concept of Avatar as a self-created persona, began with hair and makeup at the Pescadrome. Andrea brought 10 pieces from her LA studio to outfit Santa Barbara models, Josianne created more than 20 original airbrush makeup looks, and Vanessa did special hair creations. After the opening, Fashion Cell Avatars and invited guests from UCSB returned to the Pescadrome for an afterparty with tracks from Mouse and Sam, projections of footage from the opening, virtual world avatars in Second Life and a live SL feed.

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