Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hand Mud Wrestling Experiments

On Wednesday, July 19, Fishbon Event Lab special forces participated in an all out test of the scientific method as it relates to Mud Wrestling. Everyone assumes that mud is the preferred ingredient in mud wrestling, but is it? That was the question. The result? After multiple rounds of singles, doubles and general melee, the final answer was revealed to be--Chocolate Pudding with Peppermint Flavoring. To reach their empirical conclusion, agents tested Jell-O (nice, but not slippery enough), instant potatoes with food coloring and almond extract (stiff and too much like Play-Dough), pancake mix (very nice but left globby residue on arm hairs), and the eventual winner, chocolate pudding (looked very cool on skin, and tasted excellent). The experiments were messy, but the data collected well worth the clean-up effort. When contestants enter the kiddie pool filled with the winning substance at the sixth anniversary of renowned Santa Barbara cafe Muddy Waters, they'll have the Fishbon Event Lab to thank for their Superior Mud Wrestling Experience.

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