Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fishbon Apocalypse at the Pescadrome

On Wednesday and Thursday, October 25 and 26 undercover agents of the Fishbon Event Lab unvelied their collaborative Fishbon Apocalypse on their home turf at the Pescadrome. All three levels were part of the adventure with core teams of artists creating Hell's Mouth, Who Booth, the Labyrinth, Dark Woods, Chaos, Dragon and Paradiso. The event began with the 20 foot spectre of Hell's Mouth looming over the entrance with video by Brian and Ulrike and original music by Scott. The beautiful abstract structure was designed and built by Brian, Jon, David, Steve and their team. After being drawn in by the video loop, participants entered the Who Booth to be asked the important Hero Journey questions (Who are you? What do you want? What is your greatest fear? and What is your power?) The booth was designed and painted by Clay and built by Clay and Ron. Ethan, Michael, Dominique and Clay asked questions and recorded answers in DV. Satisfied that they were ready, heroes entered the Labyrinth made of 140 yards of stencilled canvas with eerie lighting by Jeffrey and original music written and performed by Scott and his team. The structure was designed and built by Nathan, Erin, Jonah and the Labyrinth group. After surviving the devilish folds of the Labyrinth, heroes were delivered into the Dark Woods with airy 16 foot black trees on white gauzy fabric, designed and painted by Dominique. Fortified with libations at the forest bar, participants entered Chaos with its spectacularly resilient Dragon designed and built by Alan, North, David, Cindy, Steve and their team. Video projections were provided by Wes and two amazing video artists from Switzerland. Lured by the tantalizing Demonettes (Holly P and Holly S, Carola, Renee, Jackie, Rachel and their troupe of Sirens), heroes fought the Dragon with swords by Sean and costumes by Carolyn and received their tickets to Paradise. In the sensual land of Paradiso (designed and built by Ron and Clay), participants relaxed and gathered strength for spectacular beats by DJ Mouse and his crew. Overall, the two night stand was epic with more than 30 agents working together to create a sublime heroic moment.

For more cool pix from Swiss artists Pascal Mueller and Matthias Specht check their Corebounce blog entry at:

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