Thursday, November 16, 2006

Original Electronic Compositions, Apocalypse Secrets and Suprise Visit

On Wednesday, November 8th, undercover agents of the Fishbon Event Lab were treated to a triple threat evening of Music, Strategy and Math. Beginning with Chilean composer Juan Parra Cancino, who is currently working in the Netherlands, agents witnessed three amazing real time pieces with live video support from Alex. Cancino's compositions, include pure electronic and electro acoustic mixed media with solo instruments and ensembles and have been performed in Europe, North and South America in festivals such as Terza Prattica (NL), Primavera en La Habana (Cuba) Sonorities (Belfast, UK), "Synthese" (FR), "Visiones Sonoras" (MX),"Sonoimagenes" (AR), "Montevideo Percussion Festival" (URU), ICMC, "NWEAMO" (USA), "Rumor" (NL, "Punto Aparte" (ES), venues like Paradiso (NL), Sucre Theater (EC),Muziekgebouw (NL), Colon Theater (COL) and have been selected and awarded at the Bourges Electroacoustic Music Competition of 2003 and 2004. Next, Scott and Adam described their process for their live Labyrinth Soundscape performance for the Fishbon Apocalypse project. Later, Nathan described his devilish Labyrinth and why it seemed like you never knew what direction you were going. Finally, mathematician Mark Mineev shared remarks and answered questions. Mineev works at Los Alamos National Laboratory and is one of the world's premiere mathematical physicists.

For more information about Juan Parra Cancino and his music, visit his site at:

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